Shalom Avram
I wish you a happy new year and Chatima Tova.
We did not communicate for a while. How are you doing?
We moved from Delaware to Las Vegas, Nevada and are having a great time
Now some business (maybe): I have a client that bought a ceramic plate
from Rabintex. They tested the plate with great results and want more,
but Rabintex told them that they got the plate from RAFAEL and can not
get any more. I was wondering if you have any connections that would
help in finding who exactly makes this material and if we can buy some -
there may be a good business opportunity here. The material is Reaction
Bonded Boron Carbide.
Hope to hear from you (even if you have no connections :))
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Dear Mr.Colin:
I have read your asking help from Mr.Shalom Avram about the Reaction Bonded Boron Carbide plate. I think with confidence that i can supply what you want and solve the problem encountered because of my experience in ceramic material. And please kindly let me know more information about the plate, I will give your professional solution. My email address is :
Yours faithfully,
Gavin ( email:
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