I keep losing connection to the internet

I have a network router question. I live on a campus of a small
African college and help them with computer stuff. The campus here
has a cisco router as the main one that connects us to the internet.
There are then various other routers, switches, etc. around campus.
One of the other smaller routers is a Linksys wireless router that is
near to where we live that provides wireless access to the network for
people like us. The wireless router periodically stops being able to
give us access to the internet. Sometimes this happens every hour,
sometimes it can work for days. So the symptom is that everything
will be working normally and then all of a sudden, I can't access the
internet, but I can access anywhere else inside our LAN. And it's not
just our computer; all the computers that are connected to the
wireless router stop being able to access the internet. I can't even
ping an address outside of our LAN.
The wirelss router has a static IP address. The way to make it start
working again is to change the static IP address. When I do that,
everything works fine again. And it's not just a matter of rebooting
the wireless router. If you reboot it without changing the IP
address, it doesn't work. So that (along with the fact that I can
still access anywhere inside the LAN when the internet stops working)
makes us think that it's not a problem with the wireless router
itself, but with the main Cisco router, that it somehow only lets a
limited amount of internet traffic through to the wireless router's IP
address and then cuts it off until the its IP address changes. When
this problem is occurring, I can ping, which is a computer
on the network on the other side of the router. But I can't ping, which is an ip address used by Yahoo. As far as our
wireless router goes, both and are
outside, so why would I be able to ping one and not the other.
Have you ever heard of something like this? Do you have any ideas on
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Big Daddy
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have you had a look at the logs on the cisco router? #sh logg you could post the output so we can have a look.
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Steve Williamson
I am sorry. I know very little about cisco routers. I can telnet into it. If I type in #sh logg, nothing happens. Can you point me to a website that would give an explanation of what I should do? thanks
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Big Daddy
you might need to enable logging first. Go into conf mode (#conf t), then type #logging on
Theres plenty of cisco sites on google, else the
formatting link
site can be quite helpful. I'm not very in-depth with cisco's myself and I go to the cisco site very often.
HTH Steve
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Steve Williamson

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