keep losing connection help help help

i have a broadband modem and a linksys N series wireless router.

my main pc is hardwired to the above combination,

however the connection keeps dropping, for no reason and at no regular time

when it happens i have to open the network connections, disable the connection, wait, enable it , then click repair, this works for a bit then bang.......goes again

it does not matter what i am doing on line, downloading, browsing, games etc.......

anyone pls

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"richard_richard" hath wroth:

Do these devices have model numbers?

Well, then it's obviously not a wireless problem.

That could be almost anything. Check the light on the broadband modem (DSL, cable, satellite????) and see if you're losing the connection to the ISP. If DSL, it's usually a problem with your microfilter installation. If cable, it's lack of signal caused by a creative splitter, amplifier, or directional coupler installation. If satellite, it can be a bad path or unstable dish mounting (all too common). After you've checked your installation, you might want to run whatever diagnostic your ISP provides and check the internet connection.

If the modem and connection appear to be stable, decode the model number of your Linksys N box and download the latest firmware. That usually solves many problems.

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Jeff Liebermann

cable modem is a mototola surfbord 4200

linksys is a wrt300n


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