Losing a network?

I set up a network on my XP machine, using the wireless wizzard. I want to
get rid of that configuration and start from fresh, but whenever I go into
the wizzard it just says that all I can do is add another machine to my
existing network. Where can I go to tell my pc to forget all about my
original effort to set up a network, it was just one big mistake? Thanks.
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The Crow
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"The Crow" wrote in news:41a0ec2a$0$23030$ snipped-for-privacy@ptn-nntp-reader02.plus.net:
I think the Wiz may have put the Network Bridge information on the connection too and you can delete that icon and remove that if the icon is showing on the LAN screen that shows the icon for the NIC.
I don't use the Wiz to do anything and take the classic approach of doing things like that like it is done on a Win 2K or NT 4.0 that have no Wiz.
You may want to go to Device Manager to install and configure the wireless connection. You should download the driver for the card from its Web site and go from that point.
I don't think you can undo the Wiz has done, but you should just be able to it with the classic approach and override what the Wiz has done.
You may also want to check Google about the Wiz undo.
Duane :)
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Duane Arnold
I'm sure you know more than I (what's a "wireless wizard"?), but wo0uld your router(setup or support) s/w help? That's all I used to add router and laptop to desktop.
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IIRC you can't have zero network configurations. Add another one and you'll be able to delete the first one.
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William P.N. Smith

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