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Several months ago I bought Linksys WUSB54G adapter to connect my 2-nd desktop computer wirelessly to internet.But,unforunately, the whole thing works very poor.It has veeeery slow transfer speed: usually like 100-150k (tested at

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instead of 800k and more. Some webpages open more than 1 minute.No changes even if I put adapter very close to router.(Computer and internet works great when connected by cable) The connection becomes slower and slower and less steady, and after 1-2 days stops totally.Then I have to reset(turn off/on) the router and connection appears again.And so on this way since 5 months.

I think i checked everything: system reinstallation, antivir soft, Spybot, Ad-aware,register cleaning, delete cookies,reinstalling adapter`s soft, changing adapter`s channels, resetting router etc.etc.

I turned off all radio devices which could interfere.

I spent several hours talking to Sympatico and Linksys tech support staff trying to resolve problem - with no effect.Then I exchanged Speedstream router(now I have 5220 model) - situation became even worse.

Maybe something wrong with adapter? Can you give me a hint? I would really appreciate any help with this one.

AMD 1800+, 512MbRam, HD 80GB, asRock mainboard System:Windows XP SP2 ISP:Bell Sympatico, High speed SpeedStream router provided by Sympatico. Straight line distance router-adapter ~ 10 feet, through ceiling.

Apologising for my poor english, with regards Adam Plonski

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Karol Moniuszko
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You may be using the same channel as someone else in the area. Try changing it.

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