losing wireless connection (updated again)

This is in reference to the problem I originally posted on 6/22...
At any rate I did call the telco (isp provider) and informed him I put the
dlink router into bridge mode and had no problems. btw... running in this
configuration the isp provides the ip addresses for all systems on the
lan... He became a little uneasy then wanted to know how many systems we had
on our lan which is a fair questions since he did not want exhaust his
address pool (probably not very likely but gotta look towards the future)
At any rate there are probably two possible solutions if he pursues us to go
back to router mode.
1. Get a static ip from the telco. He informed me he has another customer
using this configuration leaving the router in router mode with no loss of
connection.. The telco does charge 10.00 more a month for static ip. I'm
thinking the dropping of connection may be caused by the periodic ip address
renew on the wan side.
2. Using direct connect to one pc having two nics then running internet
connection sharing. I could just run the second nic to the router's wan
port and set up the second nic and wan side of the router to static ip. I
haven't done this before but am thinking that should work (after all that's
why we have us all here right?)
Thanks much
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On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 12:30:42 -0700, "dennis" wrote in :
Have no idea what that is.
Not a real problem if he's handing out private IP addresses. If he's handing out public address, then you should be able to use router instead of bridge mode.
Renewal of a temporary address should be transparent.
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John Navas

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