keep losing wireless connection

I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and three laptops that all
use the built-in Windows XP wireless tool. I experience a loss of
connection with some frequency. This seems to happen more (although I
may be imagining) when the room temperature is colder. Also, the
laptops are frequently unable find the Linksys signal. I will
experience these things even when I am in the same room with the
router. This is particularly annoying on my work laptop, as I have to
reconnect to the VPN every time this happens.
Is there a wireless setting I should change somewhere? Or could I
avoid this problem by buying a router with a stronger signal? Any
suggestions as to brand and model?
Thanks much,
Mike Christie
mike [at] csquared [dot] com
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The problem could be the Windows wireless application tool. You should be using the Intel (or whatever) wireless app to configure and control your wireless connectivity.
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Sounds like an interference issue. Change channel on the router; say, from 1 to 6, or 6 to 11 - it may be that other WAPs are broadcasting on the same frequency (and their SSIDs may not be broadcast so netstumbler won't show them).
If there's a reconnect issue, you may want to Google for winsockXPfix.exe
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i had same problem i stopped using win xp wireless tool and used the intel 1 instead
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