No Internet connection from wireless USB adapter

I was given an old Dell Latitude CP laptop (Intel Pentium MMX, 166 MHz) which I'd like to use to access the Internet via wireless USB adapter for use at libraries, etc., and for in-house ad-hoc connection (this laptop has no built-in wired-network hardware). I upgraded its original Win95 to Win98SE for better USB support, then installed the drivers and control program for a NetGear WG111 USB 2.0 wireless adapter. While the USB hardware on this laptop is only 1.1, the computer's specifications fall within the system requirements for the WG111. The Windows Device Manager reports that the adapter is working properly, and the control program appears to see and connect to signals normally. However, I get "page cannot be displayed" errors when I try to access the Internet.

I've double-checked the Windows network clients, protocols, adapters and services pertaining to the wireless adapter, and made them match exactly with those on a desktop computer where the adapter does work. This had no results. I also tried a Tenda TWL9911U USB adapter, with its own drivers and the Boingo control program, which, like the NetGear adapter and its software, work on my desktop machines. This adapter also fails to make usable Internet connections on the laptop. The laptop does make successful dial-up TCP/IP Internet connections using a CardBus modem.

I'd appreciate learning whether anyone here has had similar problems and found a solution.

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Donald G. Davis
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