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Hi All, Easynote E6310 S/N 266905590231

I have just purchased a wireless printer and cant get the laptop to connect to it. I know this seems a stupid question but all i can find in my device manager is an VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter, Is this the actual device that "beams" the wi-fi signals to the printer? Or do i need to purchase a usb style dongle to send the signals ? When i originally purchased my laptop, some years ago now , i believed that it was wireless capable but its so long ago i cant remember ! I also have wireless broadband on the way in the next week or so and need to get this sorted soon.

Thanks in advance.

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Your laptop does NOT have a wireless capability. It is wired Ethernet only. Go here download the manual and read it.

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read the manual for your broadband to see if you can hook up to it wired or not. Wireless will require a pccard or usb wireless adapter.

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Sounds like you don't have wireless in your laptop. The Via rhine II is a standard ethernet card, probably supporting the normal network port on your laptop.

You need some addon. Either ausb dongle or a PC-card type wireless card.

Be aware that getting wireless working isn't trivial.

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Mark McIntyre

Buy a CardBus wireless card, not a USB dongle, if the laptop is that old.

It's fairly easy to set up a wireless printer when the wireless is built in. I have a wireless print server which was complicated to set up.

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