USB Wireless will not connect to Network

I have a desktop that I want to connect wirelessly to my home network (AP is a D-Link DI-524).

I first bought a Belkin USB card, installed it. It finds and connects to AP, but then in "connecting to the network", which is "wide open".

I called Belkin customer support. They managed to connect me once, but shortly after the connection to the network dropped again.

The second call ended when my phone battery went dead after 1 hour or so.

I returned the Belkin, and bought a D-Link (to stay with the same brand) USB wireless (WUA 1340). Same issue: it finds the network without problems, but cannot connect.

I am getting ready for another technical service call, but are pessimistic it will get the results. Since it was once possible to connect, I am trying to find out a) how to get it to connect and then b) why does it drop the connection to the network (the connection to the router always stays on)

Note: I am connecting to the router without any problems from my laptop.


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Hi, Are you configuring the card to match your home ntwork? Like SSID, channel number, WEP, WPA, MAC filtering, etc. for seciruty. If your laptop works, duplicate what it has for configuration. Also at the router you can limit the number of connections on router configuration.

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Tony Hwang

If you connected once then the set up was probably ok. Try downloading Netstumbler and looking to see if there are other Access Point around - possibly your neighbour has one on the same channel? You might need to change the channel in both the AP and the card.

Does it report a signal strength?

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