Can my wireless really cause this problem?

Hi, hoping someone can help me. All of a sudden I was unable to get to a series of websites all on the same IP. They are all my websites. I called the host provider and they had no problems. In fact I could get to the sites by using proxify. But aside from that I couldn't even ping them.

Just to see if it was my equipment for some reason, I took the dlink

524 (I think) out of the middle and hooked my cable modem directly to the PC. I could then get to the sites. I let my router "rest" for a good 30 minutes. Put it back in the picture and the sites were blocked. I am able to repeat this at will.

How could my router cause a problem like this? I have made no changes. I'm not even using my main PC on a wireless connection. It's using the wired router ports. Just don't see how the router could cause problems on one set of website (all on the same box and IP) out there. Sounds like a ISP problem, but it goes away when the router is missing in my topology.

Thanks for any help.

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Many new routers have parental controls that allow you to block access to specific sites. I'm unsure of the features of your router but it is possible that you may have somehow enabled that function. Check your router config to see if parental controls are on...if so..turn them off and see what happens. There are some other possible things that could be going but lets start with that one first...



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"jm" hath wroth:

Were you trying to access the sites by domain name or by IP address?

They usually test from inside their firewall. Not a valid test. Call your neighbor and have them try it. I usually login to one of my office or customers machines with VNC just to be sure.

What's a proxify? Oh, that:

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Good test from essentially a different ISP. Since that works, the ISP and your servers are fine, leaving your cable ISP, your equipment, and your PC.

That's fairly conclusive. Something in the DI-524.

The DI-524 can block by IP address, URL, domain, and whatever. See this page in your DI-524 setup:

Any garbage there?

It could also be corrupted in some weird way. I did that yacking on a

5 watt VHF radio near a DI-514 so I assume it can happen to other models. Got any transmitters nearby? If all else fails, scribble down your settings, hard reset, reload settings, and start over.

Then why are you asking this question in a wireless newsgroup? Ok, I'll be nice and pretend it's a wireless problem.

Dunno. It's fairly obvious that it's something inside the DI-524. Maybe if you look at the log file at:

you might see a clue when trying to get to the site.

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Jeff Liebermann

Not sure about dlink but linksys has a feature "filter internet nat redirection". "This feature uses port forwarding to prevent access to local servers from your local networked computers"


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