wireless no longer works when I restart my computer!

I'm having awful trouble - I hope someone can help.

I'm not much cop with computers and this problem is way too big for me.

I have installed a D Link DI-524 wireless router and a Q-Tec PC wireless card to my computer.

I can get it all to work without problem in its default form, but this gives no encryption and therefore I assume, no protection from snoopers. I do not want to use the wireless system unless I can get it encrypted but I am having difficulty with this.

I set up the encryption and it all works well. However, when I restart the computer I cannot get on to the internet. The wireless appears to be working, but no connection can be made to the internet.

When I try to repair the connection I am told I cannot do this because of IP addresses.

When I set up the encryption the first few times I had it on a "floating" IP address. I cannot remember the exact name, but basically it recommends using this setting if you have a cable modem and it says you get a different IP address each time you connect. This did not work for me.

The final few times I set it up using a static IP address, but I get the same problem!

I am at a complete loss and wondered if someone could advise.

many thanks


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It sounds like your encryption key is not "holding" when you shut down. If your encryption key is absent, you can get a good signal, but you can't access any sites. Check this by closing down and starting. When you find you can't get on the net, go to your settings and again type in your encryption key.

If this works, try going to the advanced button and removing ALL preferred networks.

Then reboot.

Then choose your network and again put in your encryption key. Then hit advanced and choose your network and add it to the preferred section. This may make it "hold".

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