DG834PN bridge to WG602v3

Hello, For an year I used a Mimo router wireless Netgear DG834PN to serve 4 apartments, now to serve another PC that its out of range I buyed a Netgear WG602v3 to use like bridge. In effects it has potentiality of bridge, in particular concurs the 4 following modes :

1) Wireless Point-to-Point Bridging 2) Wireless Fine Bridging 3) Repeater with Wireless Client Association 4) Client Mode

I don't know which mode to use, I need that DG834PN dynamically assign an IP to WG602v3 and the devices connected to him,

After two days of tests I can say that nothing works, and I read somewhere that maybe these devices could not be used to implement a bridge capability.

Can you help me to choise the right configuration ? Thanks


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On 11 Feb 2007 12:32:48 -0800, "Etantonio" wrote in :

Nope -- that's a host mode.

Have no idea what that is.

Could work, but cuts network speed in half.

Works if you connect the out of range PC by cable to the WG602v3.

See above. See wikis below.

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John Navas

Netgear says that I can't arrange such system. I've to use two WG602 or otherwise to use a stronger Access point. This is not good for me


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