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The problem with the hotspot is that it requires Internet Explorer. The failure to raise the initial authentication page when connected is a sure sign that this is an Internet Explorer only site. It happens when the host programs their authentication around Windows API components.

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I'm attempting to help a friend with his wireless setup but do not know much about it myself.

He has a Pentium 150 laptop running Win95 and uses a WaveLAN 802.11B PCMCIA card. He can connect to a local internet cafe's free wifi hotspot but his browser reports there is nothing found when he attempt to load a simple site like:

formatting link

The card's software reports a good connection but that info is not making it to the browser (Mozilla). Any suggestions as to what to check? The network setup says: TCP/IP => WaveLan card so the binding is correct. The laptop has lot of ram and HD space.

Thanks in advance.

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