How to Optimize browser settings with roaming wireless connection?

Hi, my setup is laptop + mobile wireless PCMCIA card, and the cost of being connected to the internet is very expensive - about 4 euros or 6 dollars per MB.

When you click on the internet connection icon in the taskbar (Windows

2000 Prof) you can check how much data has been sent and received in the current session.

My question is this: why does my browser send out so many KB each time it jumps to a new page? All you have done is typed in a new URL or clicked on a link yet it seems to take 10-20KB in SENT data for each new webpage browsed, and all the time the wireless telephone company is charging for this.

I'd like find a way to stop so much data being sent out each time.

Thanks in advance Martin

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On 20 Jun 2006 07:20:36 -0700, "Martin" wrote in :

That's fairly normal -- there's a good deal of browser interaction when loading webpages, such as requesting images, especially when running Java/Javascript applets.

  1. Remove all browser plugins.
  2. Disable browser Java and Javascript.
  3. Turn off image loading
  4. Remove any Active Desktop items.
  5. Turn off automatic Windows and other software updates.
  6. Scan your computer for viruses and spyware.

The Wi-Fi Wiki has a list of Network Monitors that give better feedback than Windows.

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