Browser & mail reader won't use wireless connection

Trying to help a friend troubleshoot. He says it appears his wireless client connects just fine with his router, and gets assigned an IP by the router. But when he attempts any connection to the internet, there's no response. If he is hard-wired to the router, the same computer gets to the internet just fine. So it seems the browser may still be trying to use the wired NIC, which now isn't connected to anything.

How can he check that, or fix it?

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Peabody hath wroth:

- What maker and model wireless router? Hardware and firmware versions?

- How does he connect to the internet (type of broadband connection).

- Any other hardware connected to the wireless router?

- What make and model client computer?

- What make and model client wireless device?

- What operating system?

- Is he using Windoze Wireless Zero Config or a vendor supplied connection manager?

- Is there a "personal firewall" installed such as Norton Internet Security?

Since he can connect via an ethernet connection, something is either seriously broken with the router, or you're making some bad assumptions. Please check if he is really able to connect via wireless to the router by opening and browsing the web based configuration pages via wireless.

Also, next time you ask for assistance, kindly supply some information on what you have to work with.

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Jeff Liebermann

Specifically, tell us about the pc involved, and its full IP config. I could give you some samples of how-to, but, not knowing if it's running linux, windows, osx, whatever ... You know.

As applicable, then tell us about the wireless client manager, and what information it's providing.

Oh ... IP config for ethernet port AND for wireless adapter, lest there be doubt.

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