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One of our sales people met a potential customer who has several Nortel 2007 IP Phones deployed at their site. The customer was saying that the 2007 Phones have a web browsing application "built in". They were asking if one of our services, which is deployed via a browser, would work with the built in browsing application.

I've spent the usual frustrating time on the Nortel Search page to have no real results. I've read all the 2007 documentation and there's no real mention of Browsing capabilities. It talks about the Application and Soft Application buttons, but no mention of those features. I assume the Applications are being pushed down from the Nortel PBX it's connected to. I believe our customer has a Succession 1000 for their PBX.

Does anyone have any information on how the browsing functionality works in these phones? Is it a real app? I get a vibe it may be an app running on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix server getting pushed down to the display on the 2007 phone.

Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!

Matt Fuerst

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Try it in the Meridian1 forum at nortel.pbxinfo.com Maybe someone there knows it.

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Net6 application server should give you the possibility.

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Hans Müller

Citrix bought net6. Some developer info is here:

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info is a little out of date, but should get you in the right direction. The phones may very well have some type of browser built in, but they will require an application gateway to interpret 'regular' web pages to use on the phone. This is what the net6/citrix box does.

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As I find to be the nortel.com standard, as soon as I find a document that might be potentially useful, I am prompted for a login. I do actually have a login on their site, but apparently it grants me only the priviledge of seeing a rejection screen continuously for not having enough permissions to see useful documentation. Yippie!


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