Linksys WRT54G computer doesn't see router

My Linksys WRT54G v. 3.0 has a blinking power light. I read on Linksys' site that I should update the firmware. Unfortunately, my computer isn't even seeing the router.

My modem is connected to the router, and my computer is connected through one of the router's ports, but when I ping I'm getting a time out.

All my computer can see is the modem. It's like I'm not even connected to the router.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks for any and all help.

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You can try a hard reset. Unplug the power, press the reset button and hold it while re-applying the power, continue to hold the button for

30 sec

In case you have bricked it. Check this out

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About a year ago, i bricked mine (v3.0) playing with OpenWRT firmware. Don't recall what i exactly did but i brought it back to life. Note that the flash chip in v3 has different pinout configuration. You may need a magnifying glass.



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utopia14 hath wroth:

Not good. That usually means there's a checksum failure in the firmware. You might try reloading it with new firmware.

Wanna tell us a bit about what's been done to this router? Attempts to load alternative firmware perhaps? Juggling wall warts?

Have you tried to reset the router to defaults using the reset button? You have to hold it down for quite a while (30 sec) in order to do the reset thing.

After the reset, do the following:

  1. Set the IP address of your PC to
  2. Run a CAT5 cable between the PC and one of the LAN ports on the router.
  3. Unplug the power to the router. Yes, I said *UNPLUG*.
  4. On the PC, run: ping -t Don't worry about ping failures at this time.
  5. Now, apply power to the router and watch the screen. At some point, it should start responding to the pings. After a few seconds, it will stop responding. If it works like this, your router can be resurrected.

  1. Use TFTP to upload the latest firmware. Same ritual. *UNPLUG* the power to the router.

  1. From the DOS cmd prompt, run: tftp -i PUT latest_firmware.bin
  2. It should take about 5-15 seconds to upload. When done, leave it alone until the front panel lights cease flashing. Go get a cup of coffee or something. Resist the temption to play on the keyboard or power cycle the router. It takes about 60 seconds.
  3. Power cycle the router and try pointing your web browser to:
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