Linksys Wireless Router B to Belkin USB Adapter G

I am trying to get this connection to talk. I have a Linksys Wireless router (802.11b) and on the computer I am using a Belkin USB Wirelss Adapter. (802.11G)

Will the router/AP(B protocol) work with a Belkin (G protocol)?

For some reason, I have a strong signal(very good to Excellent) but I get the "limited or no connectivity" message.

I have tried with WEP and SSID enabled and disabled.

I am new to this wireless networking thing and could use any insight available.


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Thanks for taking the time.

Yes, I have a strong signal, but I can't get an IP. It comes out as the default

I am not clear on the disabling both the router and pc. I am using the web based software from Linksys through this PC I am typing on. I am not sure what you mean by the computer AND the router as the software controls the router. Right? I did disable encryption (WEP) on the the Belkin PC under properties.

I apologize for my ignorance, but I am a complete novice on this.

My router is a BEFW11S4.

I tried to foward to you but it came back undeliverable.

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Sure, as your card is B/G and should autonegotiate


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Tom Scales

"SJC" wrote in news:yo3Yd.19967$Q83.9329 the wireless link is recognised OK but the IP-level connection isn't working. Hence your PC is not receiving an IP address from the DHCP server in the router.

Disable WEP on both the router and PC (just to get started). Set the same SSID on both router and PC. Shut down your PC. Power cycle the router. Reboot your PC.

Once you get that working, apply WEP security Select the same level of WEP security (64 or 128-bit) at each end Choose a random WEP key of the right length and set that up at each end. Reboot your PC.

RTFM for details of precisely how to do all of this with your particular systems and WLAN hardware.

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It sounds to me like the router is in B and the adapter driver is in G only.

The USB G adapter won't connect unless you configure it for B/G.

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Thanks for the replies. After countless hours of frustration, I was able to get everything up and running.


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"SJC" wrote in news:LA4Yd.19987$

There are two devices involved here: a router and a wireless adapter. You have to set both to compatible settings. You use your PC's browser to connect to the router and set it up. You use either the built-in XP utility or Belkin's to set up the adapter.

Correct, it is delibrate.

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