Belkin Pre-N router - please help!

I am going to buy a new router in a day or so as I want to change to a wireless network.

I am looking at the Belkin Pre-N MIMO wireless cable/DSL router, along with this I am going to get Belkin Pre-N MIMO wireless Notebook Adapter, but before I do I wanted to check something first.

I remember reading somewhere that the router & notebook adapter only work in Win 2000 & XP. IS this correct? Has anyone successfully used them in any Linux distributions? In particular has anyone used them in Mandriva 2006 & Ubuntu 5.10 as I use them?

I hope you can help me.

I appreciate any help or information given.


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Neil Hindry
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The router will have not problems with any OS so you are fine there.. Its a great router and I have been impressed with the wireless range on it even with non-MIMO wifi devices..

Linux only has support for certain Wi-Fi chipsets and the card makers don't feel the need to provide Linux drivers.. We have had limited success with Ndiswapper but it can be a nightmare to configure and can be problematic once you do get it working..

Good luck..

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You're looking for a router with linux compatibility, and you haven't looked at the LinkSys WRT-54G?

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