Belkin Router & file transfer help wanted please

Hi, i have just installed a Belkin 4 port wireless router.

My DeskTop PC is wireless to it and so is my Notebook PC.

Am I able to just send a file, example (music file) from notebook to DeskTop PC? If so How do I go about it?


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  • Make sure they are both on the same workgroup. Make sure Windows firewalls on both are allowing File and Printer Sharing. Right click a folder on the desktop and pick Sharing and Security. You should be able to enable sharing of that folder right there. The go in Network Places on the laptop and you should be able to put a file there. Don't forget to check "allow network users to change my files" or else you will get a permission denied on copying (and hence creating a new file in that folder).

This assumes you don't have any after-market firewall software on either computer. And that you're doing the normal automatic IP Addressing from your router, so that both computers are on the same IP Address range. You can check that in a Start > Run > cmd > [OK]. Command prompt with the command "ipconfig". Or just double click the wireless icon down by the clock on the bottom task bar and hit the Support tab and check the IP Settings.

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Alan Spicer

"Kenny" hath wroth:

Model number? Oh never mind...

Wireless is exactly like wired. Lookup how to setup Windoze sharing.

Yech, way to complicated.

More better:

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Jeff Liebermann

Thank you for the replies.

I have both computers working wireless to the Router.

But still can't get the transfer of a music file to go from laptop temp folder to DeskTop C:\\Temp folder

Can possibly i use limewire would that be interesting

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