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Is it possible to convert a parallel connector to an Ethernet connection? I have an HP OfficeJet R80 with a parallel cable connection. It's connected to my desktop PC and then I have my desktop PC connected to a wireless router. I just bought a wireless note book and I want to be able to send print jobs directly to my printer and go around my PC so that I don't have to go through the trouble of booting the PC every time I want to print from my notebook. But I need to somehow convert the parallel connection to Ethernet so that I can connect it to my wireless router. Is this even possible?

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A rather old OfficeJet model... What you are basically looking for is a "TCP/IP print server" which will probably[1] solve your problem. Anyway, with any generic print server you will not be able to do anything besides printing - no scanning functionality for example. IIRC HP JetDirect printservers did allow for scanning functionality as well - your best bet is to contact HP support to get more detailed information. At least the JetDirect 300x seems to have the OfficeJet R Series on the compatibility list:

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Anyway, this is not an Ethernet question - you'd be better off asking in some printer or networking newsgroup.

[1] I would not say "for sure" since the HP OfficeJet models sometimes are pure GDI printers and thus require direct control through the PC
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Denis Jedig

Visit the HP site and look for accessories for your R80. The will likely list which JetDirect cards and boxes will work with it. That list might be restricted to the currently shipping expensive products. So you can go to the support area and search for: jetdirect supported printer matrix and other things. They keep moving things around so I don't have a link.

But there's a good chance that one of the cheaper external boxes will work.

If it's an output only printer you can also likely get results from a print server from Linksys, Netgear, etc... at your local big box retailer.

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Thanks for the replies. The OfficeJet R80 requires ecp to be enabled in the BIOS. I don't know if that makes the situation any better for funtionality or not. It's supposed to be more sophisticated than just "bi-directional". Anyway, I found some parallel to ethernet print servers on the CompUSA site starting at $34 bucks.


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