wireless..hetwork.. trouble! Please HELP!

Hello NG!

First of all I thanks a lot in advance everyone who will try to help me to solve this matter.. I apologize for my english that is not so good.. I'm Italian.

I also apologize if this topic have probably been asked a couple of times but, as we say in my language, I 'm " ignorante come una capra ", that means that my knownledge of wireless and networks is really poor....

So, I have a FLAT ADSL connection. I got a desktop PC and a notebook and I'd like to set a network between these 2 computers and use the same internet connection for both.

I bought this system:

- D-Link DSL-300T adsl modem

- D-Link DI-604 broadband router

- D-Link DWL-900AP+ 2.4Ghz wireless access point.

Notebook works wireless and desktop PC is cable connected to the router.

With default settings for all these devices the internet connection works properly on both computers but I am not able to set a network between them although I tried a couple of times to set it with wizard wireless configuration of windows XP pro. I don't know why I can't add devices to the existing network in network resources. Even if I search it, i don't find them.

The only way to access to devices options is to go to their respective IP adress through web browser. The strange thing is that when I try to access the devices by the desktop PC is all right and I find all 3 devices inside the network (but not the notebook) and when I try to access them by the notebook, I can find only the wireless access point and not the other 2. When I try to do this and I don't find them into the network, the internet connection is no more available, the devices disappears by the desktop pc too and I need to restart them to let it work again.

Please note that all devices are set to "DHCP" mode. Do you think that this could be a problem?? Please help me, I really don't know any more who can I ask to help solving this big trouble!!!



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My understanding of your setup is that you have a desktop and a laptop which successfully connection to the Internet, and you would like to enable the desktop and laptop to share resources (files, devices, etc.)

If I understand correctly, the hard part is done and you don't have to consider the 3 D-Link hardware devices. Now you need to enable sharing using Windows, not the hardware.

Are you using Windows? XP? 2000? 98SE? 98ME? 98? It really doesn't matter a lot, because all use Windows "File and Printer Sharing" with pretty much the same user settings.

In WinXP for example, click START, MY NETWORK PLACES, VIEW NETWORK CONNECTIONS, right click properties, and make sure "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" is installed.

If installed, you can "share" resources by right-clicking START, left-click highlight the directory, file, drive, etc. that you want to share, then right-click and select "Sharing and Security" and check the "share" box.

If it is not intuitive from here, post back to this newsgroup and I'm sure someone will be able to help.


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If one of your machines is using XP, simply run the network wizard on it and follow the instructions. The main key is to have different names for each computer and the SAME workgroup name for all computers on the same network. The wizard should do the rest fine. Be sure your printer is connected to one and is on. The wizard should even set that up for remote printing.

btw, your English is nothing to be ashamed of. The spelling and grammar is better than many on this site. I wished my Italian was 1/10th as good as your English. Ciao

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Alan White

OK. I'll be nice, this time only.

OK. So the router has successfully delivered an IP address to the two laptops via DHCP and you're able to browse the internet. That means that you have the wireless and the router properly configured.

Ahah. First step is to add an exception to the Firewall rules so that Windoze networking will work. Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Exceptions Make sure that the "File and Print Sharing" box is checked.

Make sure both your machines are in the same workgroup. Right click on "My Computer" -> System Name (or something similar) Windows defaults to "MSHOME". I prefer the older "WORKGROUP".

Windoze XP sharing is different from previous versions. XP added the "simple sharing" which is anything but simple. If you're used to the older method of simply selecting the folder to share, right click, select sharing, and then setup permissions, you need to disable "simple sharing". See:

formatting link
instructions and proceedures.

If you can't find any drives, devices, networks, or other computers in the "Computers Near Me", then the Windows Firewall is blocking network sharing. Setup the exception as previous described.

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Jeff Liebermann

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