Linux USB client adapters?

Hey guys! I need to order some usb wifi client adapters to connect with my buffalo and LINUX boxes.

Offhand, does anyone know if the Buffalo branded sticks work with Lunux or can recommend some?


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Travis McGee
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"Travis McGee" hath wroth:

Buffalos will become very irate if you try to attach a Linux box. Big horns, lots of mass, and a really nasty disposition will make connecting to a buffalo rather difficult and dangerous.

However, it's already been done. How about Buffalo Linux?

Surely it supports both sexes and most species of buffalo.

Whazza stick? Is dat kinda like a USB whatchamcallit? May beeeee one of these?

Nothing on the download page for Linux:

Searching Google for "WLI-U2-KG54-AI linux" yields quite a few hits. I'm too lazy to dig through them. Methinks you can handle it. Also, watch out for the horns.

This looks hopeful:

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Jeff Liebermann

If I recall correctly,

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has some USB drivers... or advice that there are no Linux USB drivers. I forget which.

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I agree from first hand experience. The car's trunk and side panel is caved in...Try to explain THAT to an insurance company. Have also had my truck tires punctured by a buffalo.

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