Asus wl-500gx advice wanted

After more than a week of trying I've been unable to configure an Asus wl-500gx to communicate wirelessly as an access point with my 3com

3crwdr100a-72 router. The router's wireless is ok, I can connect to it, and the internet, with my laptop (which has wifi built in). The router can see the Asus but my network can't. Netstumbler, running on the laptop can see two access points. The Asus is configured with the same channel and SSID as the router, both have WDS enabled/configured. Both use the same security protocols. I've put the 3com's wlan MAC address into the remote bridge list. I've set the IP address of the router as the default gateway for the Asus, the subnet mask is the same on each and their IP addresses compatible.

Just to confound things, since starting this message I've managed to get the Asus and the laptop communicating wirelessly, insofar as I can log into the Asus but 'network places' on the laptop can't see it, although it is seeing the router (by wifi)! And this despite the notebook's MAC address not being on the remote bridge list.

Any tips or advice on how to proceed gratefully received. TIA

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Peter Johnson
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On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 19:57:30 +0100, Peter Johnson wrote in :

WDS is problematic with different brands, and greatly reduces throughput in any event. It would be much better to connect the two devices by wire (e.g., powerline/phoneline networking), and configure the ASUS as an access point.

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