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I would like to ask if there is a way to use WiFi on my Asus P5B computer to to have a notebook surf the net. The Asus computer is not a DHCP server and is not directly connected to the internet. Below is more information.

I just set up a computer with the above m/board running Win 2003 Server. My current setup consists of a 4 computers (3 x Windows XP's and 1 x Windows 2003) plugged into a switch which is, in turn, plugged into a Trendnet TW100-BRV204 VPN firewall router. The TW100-BRV204's WAN port is connected to the internet. Everything works well if WiFi is left out of the equation.

I would like to have a notebook computer access the internet by using the WiFi functionality of the Asus P5B and although I managed establish a wireless connection between the two computers I cannot surf off the notebook.

In my setup the Trendnet TW100-BRV204 acts as DHCP server and assigns IP addresses itself (I can tie IP addresses by MAC address if necessary). If it can be of any help, the setup is a workgroup based one.

I would be very greatful for any links or tips on how to make this work.

Regards, Al

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On 22 Oct 2006 05:49:42 -0700, "acb" wrote in :

Enable Internet Connection Sharing on the gateway computer.

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John Navas

Thank you. It worked.

John Navas wrote:

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