Netgear ME102 and Linksys BEFW11S4


I've been happily using my non-PC compatible RiscPC wired into the above Linksys wireless router (along with my Dell PC, similarly wired into the Linksys).

Since I can't fit a wireless card to the RiscPC, I thought I'd be able to use the Netgear to wirelessly connect to the 'net via the Linksys, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've the RiscPC configured as to the Linksys and my Dell using DHCP (although I'll probably set it as static as well). I've managed some basic config of the Netgear as a wireless bridge and set its IP to I've tried setting the ME102 as point-to-point and gave it first the RiscPC's MAC address, then when that failed, that of the Linksys router, as the 'remote AP MAC address'.

When I connect the ME102 via a crossover cable to either the RiscPC or the Dell, I can ping its IP address fine, but no further.

Any suggestions or simple, clear instructions I can follow to get it to work?



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