Asus WL-300g in 'client mode'

Hi All,

I hope to have bought (but haven't actually got as yet) a Asus WL-300g to be used at the 'remote end' to provide access to my wireless network by a single PC (down the workshop). (the link is currently running over a pair of Netgear ME102's).

I'm making the change in the hope I can potentially improve the wireless security by using a long and very random (before anyone says ) WPA-PSK key or possibly even Radius (the ME102's only support

128 bit WEP).

The problem is I have seen differing specs for the WL-300gm some suggesting they onlt support WEP and others WPA but I understand this model is firmware compatible with many others I should be able to flash it with something that will allow me to use it as I need?

Could someone confirm *all* Asus WL-300g's can be flash upgraded (knowing my luck the one I've bought can't ) and where I would find these 'other' firmware options please?

All the best ..

T i m

p.s. Sri, I did ask something similar before but I think it got lost in the thread / noise ... and if I need to buy 2 Asus WL-300g's (to do what I want to do) I willl need to know the answers to the above asap. Thanks

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