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I was given a Netgear MR814 v2 wireless router by a client who bought it and decided they didn't want to go that route.

Currently I have a desktop wired to a cable modem with a Realtek 8029 nic card.

I am thinking of getting a laptop so thought I would hook the desktop up to the router via the nic card and then use the laptop around the house via built in wireless.

The box says to use a FA311 pc adapter ( which I suppose is their version of a network card ).

Now for the question:

Will this router work hooked up to my Realtek 8029 network card or do I have to buy Netgear's card?

The picture on the box just shows a cable from the router to the pc with the FA311 network card.

One place they call it a network adapter .. another place they call it a network card.

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az-willie hath wroth:

The Netgear FA311 is a wired ethernet PCI adapter.

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It will work with your Realtek 8029 ethernet card. Please note that the 8029 is a fairly old 10mbit/sec only chip. It's probably on an ISA card. Since generic PCI ethernet cards are only about $15 retail, I would consider buying a new card, unless the machine that it's in is also ancient.

Yep. The MR814 v2 router can be used with CAT5 ethernet cable connected to ethernet card, or used wireless, or both at the same time.

Same thing. It's also known as a LAN adapter, ethernet card, 10baseT adapter, ad nausium. The names get changed to confuse the customer.

Methinks you need to do some reading on basic networking before you proceed. There's nothing difficult about the wired part, but I'm worried about drivers and configuration for the ancient 8029.

If you're NOT using the wireless for now, please remember to disable the wireless in the configuration. The problem is that the default configuration is wide open and zero security. If you can't turn off the wireless, at least setup a WPA encryption key to keep the neighbors and hackers (like me) out of your network.

For wired ethernet routers, methinks this is a good start: |

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wireless, see: |
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Jeff Liebermann

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 09:42:17 -0700, az-willie wrote in :

Consider retiring/giving away* the desktop and just using the laptop (notebook) -- they've gotten so good that in most cases they're a more than sufficient desktop replacement.

*If and when you give it away, be *sure* to wipe the hard disk first!

Pay no attention -- it will work with any decent Ethernet adapter.

It will work with the Realtek.

Yep. Be sure to use a "LAN" port.

Same thing.

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