WAP11 connecting to a BEFW11S4 router

I have purchased a WAP11 Access Point to try and connect a remote LAN to the BEFW11S4 router, which is sharing an ADSL internet link. I have looked at the posts on several newsgroups and all I could find is that this would not be possible. I went to Linksys site and used the support chat. The person on the other side of the chat confirmed that WAP11 only talks to another WAP11. Well, it happens that I am posting this message from my PC in the remote LAN using the ADSL link on the other side of my house wirelessly via the BEFW11S4 router. This is what I did (no rocket science):

1- router is using MAC address filters, so I configured WAP11's MAC address into the router's MAC list. 2- WAP11 is configured in mode Wireless Bridge (you have to inform the MAC address of the BEFW11S4). Voil=E1! Notes: WAP11 v2.8, firmware 2.05 (out of the box) BEFW11S4 v4, firmware 1.52.02 (downloaded and upgraded from Linksys web site)

Good luck!

PS: Linksys, please know your products better...

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