WRT54GS Extender/Repeater Problem

I recently got Fios (which I love by the way) and they provided me with Actiontec?s model MI-424-WR modem/wireless router. While I love the service I am finding that that wireless routers range is not nearly as good as my old Linksys WRT54GS. I set about to solve this problem by hooking up the Linksys elsewhere in the house as a repeater/extender. I thought this would be an easy project for someone who is pretty computer literate but I am running into headaches.

First let me describe my setup. The Actiontech is in the basement of my

3 story townhouse. I have ethernet cable run to all floors, and computers and devices scattered throughout the house that need internet. Previously (the Linksys) the wireless signal would reach all corners of the house but now with the Actiontech is barely even providing good signal on the 2nd floor, let alone the 3rd.

I would prefer not to use WDS if possible since I do have Cat5 running throughout the house. I hooked the linksys up on the 3rd floor, connected the Cat5 to the LAN port (like I was told elsewhere on this forum), turned off DHCP, set the SSID and Channel and Encryption the same, and fired her up. It didn't work.

At one point I was able to get a signal, but any computer that connected didn't actually get an kind of internet access. It also was showing up seperatley when looking for wireless networks (which may be normal) but only the Actiontech actually allowed me access to the internet. also I might be mistaken and I will check again after this post but it seemed like the ports on the back of the Linksys were no longer routing correctly either.

Am I missing something? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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