wireless set up for small motel

I operate a small 30 room motel and looking to get rooms set up for wireless net. We have a basic router for office and lobby wireless but its time we expand to room. So i am looking to see what i would need to buy to have net in all the rooms. Motel is set up in a l shape with 11 connecting to form one part , 8 forming 2nd part which dont connect to first part and 9 rooms located underneath the first part but not as 2nd floor they located behind but down 1 lvl due to a hill so you go around back and there would be 9 more rooms that are pretty much under the 11 rooms. Rooms are seperated by drywall and outside is brick. wireless reaches the first room with a low signal. And i am looking for self install and easy on cost so dont need best of the best

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Does all the power come from one place (one meter)?

if so consider powerline networking (in this case ethernet bridging over powerline), and in other areas you want wireless (and/or wired), the second half of the powerline bridge units going into a wap/router can be done quickly, easily, economically, and by yourself....

Links From another post/pasted in here... Heck, why do two posts when one will do... here the link for the netgear powerline stuff (under $140 for an ethernet bridge)

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and the wap routers are from walmart Linksys wrt54g (for $49.17)
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Fraid you are on your own for power strips, but you can usually find them for $2-$3 each.....

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