How to record from cell headset to PC mic?

the subject says it all. I have three VM messages on my work voice mail that I would love to just save as .wav files on my laptop.

To this end, I need an adapter which takes the monaural headphone out signal from a cellular headset jack -- a 2.5mm jack, I would surmise -- and send it into a 1/8 plug so that I can send it to 'mic in' on the PC.

I have looked and looked for such a device, and haven't been able to find one.

Can someone help? Thanks.

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NTI CD Maker Pro will let you record audio directly to a CD.

Or record them as windows media files with WinAMP or some such.

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Tony P.

He's looking for an adapter cable and you suggest "CD Maker Pro" or WinAMP.

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Grant Edwards

If he can't figure out how to make a cable he should give up.

A little simple experimentation will do the trick. I misread it and just fired off the first thing I thought of.

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Tony P.

Whew! Let's try to get some signal in amongst all this noise...

I use a CellTap.

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Kyler Laird

Tony P.> wrote in news:

Well, now that you mention it, I could make a cable if I knew the pinouts.

  • Where's common on the 2.5mm side? Is the shield common? Is the tip?
  • Which is the mic and which the speaker?
  • On the PC side, I'll just tie the two mic channels together but I'll be happy if I know whether the shield or the tip is common. Or the ring.

I've done MIL-spec soldering before, but frankly whipping out the ol' Mastercard is easier.

Rather than smoke either my sound card or my $100 phone handset, I think I'll find out pinouts and/or purchase a working patch cable.


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Kyler Laird> wrote in news:

Yeeks. For $79 I'll solder the damn cable. :)

Thank you, however. I think I have a handle on how to get this job done.

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