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I want to setup an outdoor security camera that's connected to my PC via my LAN (could be wired or wifi). The PC would only record to the hard drive when there is motion so save disk space. I know they have cameras with motion sensors in them so the camera only records when there is motion, which would be okay too, if there isn't too much of a delay. On the PC I'd set the number of MB or hours it will store on the hard drive, then the system will just delete the older video to make room for the new video being recorded. Can anyone recommend a system that does this, or point me in the right direction to build my own. I prefer Windows XP for the OS, but I could do it in Linux also.


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Motion-detect recording is usually a factor of the recording software rather than the camera itself, and most of it can pre-buffer video so you actually catch some time BEFORE the motion occurs.

I could recommend lots of systems that will do what you want, but the real question is, how much do you want to pay? You could get into a basic wired IP camera for a couple hundred dollars, all the way up to multi-megapixel cameras on a dedicated DVR for several thousand.

One thing you want to consider, you probably want to use a dedicated machine for this purpose. Video recording can be somewhat processor-intensive and there'd likely be a noticeable slowdown to everything else you do if you set it up on your regular desktop workstation. As well, anything else you do that takes a lot of processor could cause dropped frames in the video.

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