PC Headset to Nortel Meridian Adapter

Ok, I'm trying to go from a pc headset with 3.5mm microphone and headphones jacks(I've stripped the jacks off and am working with bare wire at this point) to a 4p4c("RJ9") handset jack going into a nortel meridian phone. I've seen several styles of 4p4c pinouts, varying by manufacturer, however I have yet to find a pinout for a nortel meridian handset(4p4c). Does anybody know the wiring for the handset? I've been messing with it, so far I've only gotten it to where I can hear the caller, but the microphone I have yet to set up successfully. THere are many tutorials on how to make an adapter for a PC Headset to a 4p4c for various types of handset plugs(Cisco, standard phone headset, etc), and they sell these adapters

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I'm broke right now and for now I can only make an adapter. Does anybody know the wiring for the handset plug on a nortel meridian? Thanks.

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You mean the headset jack on the telephone ? Or the handset jack ? Anyway the outer pins are the microphone and the inner the receive, on both and 98% of handsets. You probably have polarity to find on the microphone.


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