Headset/Mic Issue

I am wondering if there is anyone else that has run into this issue. We have an Altigen 2G system running here and I cannot believe that I would be the only person to have this problem out there.

On our Altigen box, we have ACM running and we have a small little customer service office that is taking calls for multiple companies. All with their own workgroup. So they recieve calls via the Altigen Agent softphone interface. They are all using Plantronics DA60 USB Headsets.

The can take calls just fine, talk to the customers and all that stuff with no problems.

The problem we are having is come when the customer wants to hear a verification. So the rep tries to play the verification but the person on the phone is not going to be able to hear it.

So the question is, how the heck do I get an audio file being played on the computer so that the customer on the other end of the phone can hear that?

Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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