Different rings for inside and outside calls

Is it possible to have a different ring for an incoming call than for a "inside, internal" call? If so , how would you do it.

This is a Definity G3R with 7406 phones.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Steve Roeder
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Nope, no way to do it that I'm aware of. Always the same annoying ring. That's the one thing I hate about the 7406, when one rings you can't quite make out whose phone it is, even with the different ring patterns you can set on them.

Is it a 7406 or a 7406D? The D has the display that'll show inside/outside type information on it.

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Tony P.

I can't speak for the G3R, but it seems that most PBXes can do this; the two that I'm most framiliar with (Intecom [Eads Telecom] PointSpan and Cortelco [Eon Communications] Millennium) do this by default and may not have any way to disable it.

I've always thought of the G3 as a more advanced PBX (though I've never seen one first hand) so I would be a bit supprised if it couldn't

Lincoln [FYI - The ring patterns on both of these platforms are

1 ring - Internal call 2 rings - External call 3 rings - System Priority Ring (PointSpan only, seems to be primarilly ACD queues)]
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Lincoln J. King-Cliby

The G3 is advanced, and does support what is called Distinctive Audible Alert by ATT/Lucent/Avaya - the same patterns as you mention above. I maintain a G3i; just dialed into the switch from home and DAA is setable on a per-station basis for analog phones, and the ring patterns for the 3 types of calls are setable system-wide. All of our mix of digital and hybrid phones do sound the DAA, but I can't figure out if it can be turned on/off for digital and hybrid phones. We don't have any 7406s. An earlier poster said it can't be done with a 7406, which I find a little strange. You could check the system settings to see if you have the same ring pattern (1 long ring) set for both internal and external calls. On my system it's on page 5 of "system-parameters features". If you are using a dumb terminal to access the switch configuration, type in ch sys fea

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