different ring tones (BCM50)

I have a small BCM50 system. We have IP 2002 / 2004 telephones. I have just 1 huntgroup set up on our main office number that makes all the phones on the system ring (only 6 handsets) Can I configure the BCM so that the ring tone is different when a call comes into the hutgroup. I want a ring tone for the main huntgroup and a different tone for internal calls (and also for DDIs if possible so that users who have a call to their DDI know that they need to pick up, the office here is quite small so the users cannot always tell when only their extension is ringing and I have seen them not bother picking up on a DDI call as they expect the 2 people who pick up on the main huntgroup number to pick up the call)

Any advice on how I could possibly set up the above (mainly different ring for Internal extensions) is appreciated.


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