strange hangup [Telecom]

I'm looking for an old classmate and found the number 2164210095 but it rings once then goes floop floop floop and hangs up. I've never heard of this before. Is it a feature, a bug;-) or a blue box or what?

(Yes, it's in the right area code and state.)

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Rick Merrill
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Sounds like you have dialed a telephone company test number, maybe battery/ground, either that or he has problems on his end with something.

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Steven Lichter

That actually sounds like a problem I once had with my phone line years ago, although I didn't make a note of the exact noise I heard when I tested it from work.

On an incoming call, the ring voltage would apparently be enough to short the phone line outside, so I'd be lucky to hear a single ring inside. I don't know exactly what they did to finally fix it, but I suspect they simply replaced a section of the line.

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