Group ringing prior to VMS?

I have a Avaya Partner 5 ACS with Automated Attendant (AA) with voice mail. Currently, the AA answers, the user selects the option and is transferred to the extension. If the extension doesn't answer, it is forwarded to voice mail. All is working fine.

I would like to have the extension forward to all phones in the office prior to going into voice mail. Is this possible? If so, what are the steps?

Thanks in advance for all help.

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You can do that be setting the VMS Hunt Delay (System feature #506) to "Delayed" (will pick up after fourth ring). The extensions you want to ring before the AA picks up should then be setup to ring on the same lines as AA. That would give people ability to answer before AA picks up, or, if no one is available, it will go to AA after the fourth ring.

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Set the number of rings before the AA should answer: Feature 00 Left Intercom Twice #506-M-NN-X Where M is the Mode (1=day/2=night), NN is the Line Number, and X is the number of ring from 0 to 6 Repeat for each line to be answered Feature 00

Set each extension to immediate ring: Feature 00 Left Intercom Twice Right Intercom Once Dial Extension Number to be programmed Set each line to Immediate Ring by touching each line button until the light turns solid green Right Intercom Once Another extension number -or- Feature 00

Do all programming from Ext. 10 or 11

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Touch Tone Tommy

Thanks for the help, but I think that I didn't make my requirements clear.

The AA should always answer, and allow user to select the option number they want. The AA then transfers the call to the assigned extension for the option. This is all configured and works well.

What I would like next, which one of our offices has programmed, is that if the extension doesn't answer, it rolls to the next phone.

I have gleamed a clue from the other office that the extension 771 is assigned to option 1. Is this extension call group or something?

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Hunt group is exactly what that is, and it's 771 through 776 (you may have up to six different hunt groups for user extensions)

Use system function #505 to assign extensions to the group. Touch Tone Tommy gave a great explanation of how to use the system features (see above in this message)

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