Choosing a VoIP provider.....Suggestions ??

I've ordered my ATA, will arrive in days, and am about to install Asterisk on a spare junk box.

I'm researching websites of providers, but am *swamped* by all the choices and options.

  1. Some can port my existing Cell number, others can' t, but will provide or sell me a number in my Area code.

  1. Some provide inbound/outbound as part of packages; others have separate plans for both inbound and outbound.

  2. Some include basic features like call waiting/voicemail/etc with packages; others charge for each "feature".

I've never tried this VoIP before, but I can't afford to keep my cell service any longer. I'm looking for advice of any kind from VoIP users regarding their experiences, pitfalls, providers, suggestions, tips or anything else. I'm starting with an ATA but will probably buy a phone soon, like a used Cisco which plugs into ethernet.

Hope to see replies here soon, so thanks in advance!

Valentin in the Southwest

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Valentin Guillen
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Thanks for the pointer !


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