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Regarding the recent thread about telemarketers, the state and federal laws regarding telemarketers, and "tracing" calls....

Note that the "Call Trace" feature, 11-57 or *57, which is intended only for serious harrassment threats (i.e., death threats and the like), where a report is sent to telco and/or law enforcement for further investigation -- and the person using the feature also has to "follow up" with telco (usually by calling an automated reporting line)...

I tend to think that *57 / 11-57 "Call Trace" is SS7 "Caller-ID" based, and NOT using ANI. If there is no C-ID info passed via SS7 from the originating end, or if it is invalid (invalid area and/or office codes, something less than ten "NANP" digits, strings of 1's or 0's, etc) or of a "valid" NANP format (with valid area and office codes) but still a "forged" (phony) number (either an unassigned line-number or even fraudulently sending-out someone ELSE'S real number as SS7-based C-ID), then the Call Trace feature is of little value.

While ANI can be sent all the way to the far-end in some cases where facilities are ordered for ANI, such as big-volume 800/888/etc. numbers who order "realtime" ANI delivery (and I doubt that someone can "forge" outbound ANI, but then again....), ANI delivery usually doesn't go all the way to the far-end central office. ANI is sent from the originating central office to a telco/LD billing platform or operator platform (CAMA, TSPS, TOPS, OSPS, etc), and a 911 PSAP.

And ANI might not always give the EXACT number of someone on a PBX but rather the overall billing number(s).

Anyhow, if there's an actual *TELCO EMPLOYEE/RETIREE* expert out there who has "firsthand" knowledge of *57 / 11-57 "Call Trace", does it use SS7-based C-ID? (which is frequently "spoofed"), or does it use ANI delivery?


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Anthony Bellanga
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Covers repeated nuisance calls too. Here's a URL for PA:

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that explains quite clearly when and how to use the star57. It also says that it may not work under certain circumstances.

My question is, will it work with VoIP CallVantage?

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Rick Merrill

Back when I had my little 800 number that terminated on a single line I got live delivery of ANI, they'd convert it to CLID and send it through. That was really nice.

I'd be willing to bet that Call Trace uses ANI, in digital switching the call processor knows the BTN of the calling party. It also sets a flag whether or not to display it via CLID conversion.

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As a Retiree from Dial Tone gulch, my recollection of "Customer Originated Trace" is that it indeed used ANI for the exact reason stated below. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to any of the Telcordia (Bellcore) standards mentioned in this item excerpted from SR22725:

Customer Originated Trace (COT) (described in GR-216-CORE, CLASSSM Feature: Customer Originated Trace, FSD 01-02-1052) enables the user to request that a record of the last incoming call be generated and provided to the LEC and, potentially, to an authorized law enforcement agency. Call details include the calling party number, date/time of the call, and the date/ time the record was created. COT can be billed on a per-activation basis. The suggested activation code for COT is *57, or 1157 for dial-pulse rotary sets.

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