Re: Los Angeles Numbering, 1940s

Paul Coxwell wrote:

>> Phone numbers were used several times, which I am assuming were of the >> 2L-4N format -- They were given as name plus four digits and I believe >> from previous discussions here that Los Angeles never used 3L-4N >> numbering. > I don't know about previous discussion here, but Los Angeles indeed > progressed from 2L-4N to 3L-4N. > Downtown Los Angeles, for example, was the MAdison Exchange. I remember > lots of very public numbers in that exchange that were MA 1234 (for > example) then became MA 5 1234, and so forth. > Same for HOllywood.

The San Fernado Valley was the same, West Valley had DIamond and Van Nuys had STate, California Water Telephone had EMpire. There were some others, but they don't come to mind right now. It was the early

60's when the changes were made. I started with CWT/GTE in 1967 and they were already changed and using 48/53 Full Satt.

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