Re: Electric Powerlines to be Used For Broadband

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: A couple things I do not understand

>> about voice communication over electrical power lines: Some say it >> will not work; others say it is okay. > My understanding is there are two different electrical systems in the > world, the 220v version the rest of the world uses, and the 110v the > US uses. In the rest of the world, a fairly large number of residences > are run off a single transformer, where in the USofA, a much smaller > number are run. > For example, in my neighborhood, each block of houses (8-10) has its > own transformer, which would require a fiber run, or some way to > couple it to the 12kv 3phase line that drives the transformer. > Multiply by millions and millions of these things all over the place, > and it is easy to see why, even though it is being reported in the US > media, the actual action is taking place in a foreign county, in the > article, it was Japan.

A few years ago the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power had planned a system, don't know if they ever went ahead with the plans.

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