Re: Early Los Angeles Dialing and Network Management

The Bell System history tells that they recognized the traffic of big

> cities would not fit on Step-by-Step switching because of the switch's > limited decimal choices. Panel switching was developed to give more > flexibility and choices in city service. > However, Los Angeles remained Step by step because the Bell System > inherited existing exchanges. The history says despite things like > graded multiples network mgmt in LA proved difficult, but they did not > elaborate. > I know Bell Labs developed SxS add-ons in the 1960s and 1970s to > improve SxS functionality, but that was much later. An early short > haul toll itemized message accounting system was developed for LA. > As Los Angeles turned into a big city (1950s?), how did the Bell > System handle inter-exchange traffic within the limits of an SxS > switch? Did they rely on tandems? Did they have to overtrunk at high > expense? Did they put in No 5 Crossbar when it came out? > Thanks. > [public replies, please]

I believe they started using digit absorbing switches and directors which did translations, so say you dialed a short hall number it would drop back into the local switch, or to a trunk for another office, if it were long distance it might go to a tandem. They as GTE did would rearrange trunking for what was called the busy season.

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