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>> 60's when the changes were made. I started with CWT/GTE in 1967 and >> they were already changed and using 48/53 Full Satt. > Wasn't 1967 the year that then General Telephone of California bought > CWT (California Water and Telephone for you lurkers; aka "Cal Drip and > Tinkle." ;-) > I grew up in Monrovia, a CWT town. We didn't get automatic dialing > until 1950, as I recall.

CWT for a year or so was part of The General System, then in 1967 they integrated it with General Telephone of California. But even though it was merged into the California company it functioned on its own until 1969. The California standards were only partly used by CWT, they pretty much used WE standards. I went to Nuts and Bolts school, in Walnut, but when I came back to San Fernando after school, my boss told me to forget must of what I had learned. We were still using the WE cable with some Stromberg cable. The color code was a bit different. I was a C.O. Installer the full 30 years I was with them. When I retired we were a different company, with different standards. It has even changed more now under Verizon. I have done contract work in Washington, Oregon and California over the last few years, it is really a different world. Boy I miss the old SXS days, all that noise and so simple to work on. If you had a problem, it would not effect the whole office unless it was in the Satt systems, now you edit data and you can take down the whole office and any others down stream.

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