Re: Are There Prepaid Cellular Plans That Use Existing Phones?

I have a Motorola 120C cell phone, which I was keeping as a spare for

> my regular cell calls on Verizon. However, Verizon won't allow the > 120C on its network anymore, since it isn't E911 compliant. Although > I'm able to keep my current phone going, they won't allow me to > activate a different one if my present one fails, so I'd like to put > the spare to good use. > As it happens, my oldest son is going off to school in another state, > and the school told me that prepaid cellular plans are a good way to > limit costs. I'd like to use the 120C phone, and avoid having to buy a > new one, since I already have the phone and all the accessories for > it. > Are there any prepaid cellular plans that will activate a Motorola 120C?

No guarantees.

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If it was on Verizon there's a very good chance that they'll activate it since one of the modles offered is the Nokia 5185 which I believe is not E911 capable though I'm not sure on that.

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