CenturyLink complaints outweigh positive remarks by 20-to-1 [telecom]

At least at one website, complaints about CenturyLink's customer service outweigh positive reports by more than twenty to one.

Although most of the complaints on the site are from unidentified users, their remarks have a ring of truth.

The site is at:

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Bill Horne

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Henry Horne
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One thing that CenturyLink has done recently, at least in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (although I doubt it is so localized), is to lay off a a bunch of installers/field techs, and then call them back to offer contractor job work at flat per job rates. So they have zero incentive to do anything more than the basic service.

Call center times have also gone way up as well.

Not sure how the union let them get away with it.

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Doug McIntyre

They bought out Qwest here in the PNW, and I am using them for aDSL access without phone service. Their CS department is basically the same as Qwest, with the same phone number, same limited hours, same personnel, and same locations for the call centers.

They also still have the same problem of the right hand being unaware of what the left hand is doing.

In the numerous times I have had to call them about errors on my bill (which has consistently been once a month), the representatives have always been pleasant to interact with, even if, as has happened twice so far, nothing they said they were doing ever got done.


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Jon Danniken

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