Centurylink to launch new fiber technology [telecom]

CenturyLink trials virtual 10G-PON, sets next step of FTTP migration

CenturyLink has begun a field trial of a virtualized 10G-PON solution, reflecting the service provider's move to begin virtualizing its last-mile FTTH access network.

For the trial, CenturyLink is leveraging Adtran's virtualized OTL

10G-PON solution to create a simplified service delivery platform that can leverage a wide range of next-generation access technologies for wireline or mobile connectivity, accelerating the path to SD-Access.

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This is the classic huff-n-puff PR piece, filled to overflowing with acronyms and breathless blue-sky pronouncements.

Accoring to Wikipedia:

NG-PON2 (Next-Generation Passive Optical Network 2) is a 2015 telecommunications network standard for a passive optical network (PON). The standard was developed by ITU and details an architecture capable of total network throughput of 40 Gbit/s, corresponding to up to 10 Gbit/s symmetric upstream/downstream speeds available at each subscriber. A passive optical network is a last mile, fibre-to-the-x telecommunications network that broadcasts data through fibre optic cables. PONs are managed by passive optics such as unpowered splitters and filters, offering high reliability and low cost compared to active networks. The PON data stream is generally converted to a more traditional service such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi at the subscriber's location.

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"OTL" might mean "Optical Transport Layer", or "Over The Line", or, for all I know, "Other Foolish Lies". You're welcome.

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