CenturyLink landline Service Restored in Gordon Township, WI [telecom]

The Douglas County Office of Emergency Management is reporting CenturyLink landline telephone service in Gordon Township has been restored.

Authorities say at 8 a.m. Friday, service for residents in that area went down. The service was restored around 8:50 a.m.

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This is an unusual story: the two paragraphs above are the entire article shown at wdio.com.

A Google search for details turned up a couple of hits, first from the "Superior Telegram" site, and also from a TV station, but when I try to follow the links, the Superior Telegram page says I'm "Not Authorized" to view the story, and the TV station's page returns a


I reached a reporter at the Superior Telegram, and was told that the story had been taken down because the outage was over by the time it was posted. I couldn't find any other report of the incident: although Google's summary for the search showed several sites that mentioned an outage, all of the articles or stories appear to have been removed.

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